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chris rowles, osseointegration prosthesis


chris, a retired police officer, lost his leg as a result of a runaway staph infection that was set off by a bug bite, of all things (compounding on previous injuries sustained on the job). so, that’s horrible, and gives me something new to worry about that i wasn’t previously worried about.

as chris’ amputation was above the knee, he found that the prosthetics offered to him never quite fit right, never stayed put and caused considerable discomfort. after several years he ended up as a candidate for a relatively new technology called osseointegration, performed at cedars sinai hospital in los angeles. in this procedure a metal rod was surgically attached to his femur, with a stud protruding from the skin. this allows him to attach the new prosthesis in a way that is secure and doesn’t rely on suction. added to that, the range of motion is far greater and more comfortable. he can even cross his legs again.

on an unrelated note, i understand the shoes (to keep the height level consistent from side to side), but the sock on the prosthetic always seemed unnecessary to me. is it just a symmetry thing?