the latest shot

roy ashok, CEO of daqri, for cornell enterprise magazine


daqri makes augmented reality glasses for use in manufacturing and warehouse environments. it’s really cool and cutting edge stuff, with broad applications in the future. roy is daqri’s CEO, a man with a truly awful commute (san diego to LA) which made him two hours late to our shoot. He also had a really, really big chair.

shooting CEOs can sometimes be hit or miss, but honestly, roy couldn’t have been more gracious, or photogenic or generous with his time. most people would be grumpy and short tempered after struggling through several hours of southern california traffic and then being forced to sit in front of a camera. roy was only apologetic for keeping us waiting, and he was even nice enough to model daqri’s smart glasses.

these things are seriously cool, and the potential for what they can do is pretty vast. right now they’re mostly in a manufacturing environment, but give it a few years. heads up displays are where it’s at.