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May 28th, 2008

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a few weeks ago dylan’s mother called me to say that everyone wanted to do an update to our mirror picture from 2001 that’s in the hearts book. it turns out dylan and his family were going to be visiting mario in camarillo on memorial day and we took that as a perfect opportunity to duplicate our previous efforts. it’s funny to see the difference – amazing, and funny and strange. bill commented that it looks not so much like the kids grew up, but rather like i shrunk. mario also got some fuzzy dice and a ceiling fan. i love that dylan has roughly the same expression, and mario has roughly the same shorts! dylan had just graduated high school a few days before, mario and ali are starting their senior years of high school in the fall. i wisely lost the silly goatee, but still need a haircut, as always.

taking into account a leap year (there was only one, right?) i figure there are two thousand four hundred and eighty-five days separating these two pictures.

ali was hanging out with us, too, and all three of them were fairly engrossed in the $5000 or so worth of high end consumer electronics that mario had just received from the make a wish foundation. actually, to be fair, mario and dylan were engrossed in the giant flat screen TV and playstation 3, while ali simply text messages every fifteen seconds.

for myself it seemed a fitting way to spend memorial day. the kids signed my book, we took some pictures, we talked some about their friends from camp who’ve passed away, and the thing i was struck with is that i’ll probably – if i’m lucky – be involved with these families my whole life. i’m dumbstruck at how far we’ve all come already. i wonder what it will be like in another two thousand four hundred eighty five days?

(this post also appearing on the latest shot, as well)

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